If you are a licensed apartment locator in Texas and you are fed up with giving away a huge portion of your hard earned commissions to your current broker, then Downtown Locating has a sponsorship solution for you. Simply put, you keep more of your commission while receiving unparalleled broker support and innovative technology that will help you grow and manage your business.

Apartment Locating with Downtown

Our sponsorship is only $150/Month. You keep 100% of your commission on all your apartment locating transactions.

We include ApartmentData to send client’s lists of properties. A CRM to manage all your leads. Innovative marketing materials for your social media pages. Our broker support and invoicing systems will ensure your business runs smoothly with Downtown Locating as an agent. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive leads as well.

Ready to join us? Visit our on-boarding page to get started. https://downtownlocating.com/on-boarding-process/

Want to do real estate sales too?

If you want to do real estate sales, we are currently a member of ABOR (Austin) and work under the name ATX Homes. If you want to do sales in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio we will be joining those boards before summer 2019. You must be a member of your board to access the MLS, Lockboxes and to do sales with our team. For sales we offer a 85%/15% split with a $2.5M sales cap in which you keep 100% after that. We also offer real estate leading marketing to help you and your listings stand out. We include E&O insurance and a slew of other items for sales agents to be successful as well. We pay for your listing photos, business cards, lock boxes, signs and give you a marketing budget too!

For additional questions please email us at downtownlocating@gmail.com to schedule a time to speak with our team.