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Rosalie Esquivel

Locator & REALTOR

“Where there is a will there is a way.”


Raised in Texas but was born in Boise, Idaho. When I had my first job in little town called Melba with group of kids from school doing corn topping the fields were large and long, bees all over the place but it taught me working hard on my summer vacation for just two hundred dollars was well worth it because it taught me how to work with my team and memories I will forever cherish because after long day hard work we headed out to the swimming hole and had best time of our lives. The river was still little cold the Rapids were fast however till this day I had the most fun with my class mates and met high school kids was awesome feeling at my young age 13. For the rest of my life I carried hard work and dedication was a part of me as well as working with my team.

If you’re looking for an apartment make sure to reach out to Rosalie to find your place downtown and around town Houston!

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